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The Adolescents in Motherhood (AIM) residential maternity program, located at Children's Home Network, accepted its first teen mother on December 3, 2015. Since then, the program continues to provide services for teen mothers and expecting teens who are in foster care, and has grown to include the newly-implemented Life Skills Academy.

Adolescents in Motherhood is a blended residential program for new mothers and mothers-to-be ages 13-18 years of age. AIM is a haven for pregnant teens and mothers in foster care who want to remain with their child. The program provides a safe home, nutritious meals, individualized counseling, linkage with prenatal care, health care, and educational services to the girls. Our staff of child care workers, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and educational coordinators provide a structured, supportive environment where good health and learning are associated with responsible behavior and success in life. Classes in parenting and independent living skills, job readiness, stress-reduction, health, nutrition, and fitness help prepare our new mothers to be nurturing parents and self-sufficient adults who are ready to reconnect with their communities.

During its first year:

  • There was a total of 52 individuals (30 teen mothers and 22 babies/toddlers) that received services through AIM.
  • Of the 22 babies/toddlers who received services, 8 babies were born with us.
  • The average birth weight is 7lb. 8oz. Over half of the babies at the Maternity Home were born weighing over 8 pounds.
  • The average length of stay in the Maternity Program is 3.5 months. 10 moms remained with us for 4-9 months out of the year. 

For more information on the Adolescents in Motherhood program contact
April Heuss, Director of Residential Services, at 813-864-1455.

AIM Life Skills Academy

The newly-implemented AIM Life Skills Academy at Children’s Home Network focuses on literacy, life skills education and self-sufficiency.

Each resident begins the Academy with instruction on how to add structure into not only their daily routines, but their life in general. The program features a day of attending either traditional school or classroom-style programming at the Maternity Home designed to assist the young women in achieving self-sufficiency. The Maternity Home residents will continue participation in the program until they enter GED prep, college, gain employment or a different type of outside programming.

The Life Skills Academy will be attended by 4-5 residents each day. We will encourage and assist the young women in applying for local scholarships and furthering their education by acquiring technology certificates.

The AIM Life Skills Academy offers:

  • A book club
  • Group lunch/cooking class/nutrition instruction
  • Life skill classes (sexual abuse/domestic violence awareness, anger management, financial education, health and hygiene, resume and job applications instruction, self-esteem courses, child birth and breast feeding pointers, and other topics.)
  • Field trips
  • GED tutoring on site

For more information on the Life Skills Academy, contact
April Heuss, Director of Residential Services, at 813-864-1455.


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