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The Adolescents in Motherhood (AIM) residential maternity program, located at Children's Home Network, accepted its first teen mother on December 3, 2015. Since then, the program continues to provide services for teen mothers and expecting teens who are in foster care.

Adolescents in Motherhood is a blended residential program for new mothers and mothers-to-be ages 13-18 years of age. There are limited programs for teen moms and expecting teen moms in foster care across the country. The AIM program offers a structured home and campus environment for young moms and their babies.  With the support of trained and trauma sensitive child caregivers, mental health and behavior specialists, a staff nurse and psychiatrist, teen moms in our care are able to heal from their trauma and begin a path to success. AIM promotes positive parenting techniques, assistance with navigating community services (such as daycare), and provides the educational support young moms need to prepare for eventual transition from the Children’s Home Network as an independent adult.

During its first year:

  • There was a total of 52 individuals (30 teen mothers and 22 babies/toddlers) that received services through AIM.

  • Of the 22 babies/toddlers who received services, 8 babies were born with us.

  • The average birth weight is 7lb. 8oz. Over half of the babies at the Maternity Home were born weighing over 8 pounds.

  • The average length of stay in the Maternity Program is 3.5 months. 10 moms remained with us for 4-9 months out of the year.

For more information on the Adolescents in Motherhood program contact
Donna Krauser, Chief of Out of Home Care, at 813-864-1459.



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