Sara's New Beginning

Teen mother with newborn baby
“I’m not alone and I found help for myself
and my baby when there was nowhere else to turn.”

Sara was brought to Children's Home Network with a one week old baby girl named Jessica.

She was placed in foster care at a young age due to the abuse and neglect of her parents, as many of our girls have experienced. 

In 2015, Sara ran away from foster care and was recruited into the world of minor sex trafficking. She became pregnant at the age of 16 and her traffickers planned to sell her baby after the birth as another way to exploit her and make money. Immediately after Jessica was born, Sara left the hospital and ran to the police in fear of her and her baby’s lives.

Sara and Jessica were brought to the Children’s Home Network Maternity Program, Adolescents in Motherhood, as the ONLY place where she could actually be with her baby and learn to care for little Jessica. If not for our program, there would have been NO PLACE for her to go or be without separating them.

The possibilities of SARA ever regaining custody of her baby after separation would have been very unlikely due to her significant past, her age, and her lack of resources.

Today, Sara is enrolled in a local GED program and is learning to be a good mom who is very loving and attentive. She is also attending counseling every week and learning to cook.

*The names in this story have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the children in our care.

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