Here at Children's Home Network, we couldn't be prouder of the children and families who have unlocked their potential and experiencing. Whether it's through our Kid's Village, Adolescents in Motherhood, Kinship Services, or Fostering Families team, all the lives we touch have the potential to be transformed.

Victoria's New Beginning

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Victoria was admitted to the Children's Home Network on June 7, 2017. She ran away from foster homes several times and was recruited into the world of human trafficking by someone she trusted and thought cared for her. After becoming pregnant at 16 and having her daughter taken away from her, Victoria decided it was time for a new beginning. With the help of our Adolescents in Motherhood program, she has blossomed, and is well on her way.

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Jaden's Healing

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Jaden, commonly known as “J,” was a troubled youth, having suffered trauma due to abuse and neglect at home. His behaviors were out of control, and he was known for punching anyone who questioned him. He was regularly getting D’s and F’s and causing stress for his teachers. “ Jaden came to Kid's Village about four years ago and has received therapy counseling from the staff at Children's Home Network to help him heal from the hurts of his past.  He now attends Davidsen Middle with straight A’s and very rarely B’s.

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Linda's Kinship

Linda and her husband were asked to take in their two-month-old granddaughter, Samantha. Little did they know it would take four years to finalize her adoption. Linda was excited when she found information in the local paper that a Kinship Services program was coming to Pasco County. She was thrilled to meet people who were “in the same boat,” as she was. She found it was informative and learned about many other resources available in the area. The group has helped Linda get through the process step by step and continues to help guide Linda as Samantha grows.

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Austin's Story


Austin and his older sister were originally placed together in a foster home.  Unfortunately, due to his exceptional needs that put his older sibling at risk, Austin was moved and placed in the Specialized Therapeutic foster home of Lisa and Alvaro Gonzalez. The family recognized that in order for the siblings to successfully transition home, they needed to live together again and receive family services jointly in the foster home, as well as with their mother. Together with the Fostering Families care team, the siblings - who had been living separately for over a year - were unified and are now living together with the Gonzalez family.

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Johnnie's Story

Johnnie was diagnosed with Autism when he was two years old. Under the blanket of Autism, he suffers from an array of conditions, including: sensory integration, disorder, severe eating diversion, overall developmental delays, moderate dyspraxia, and social and behavioral impairment. After participating in our Pinellas Support Team program, Johnnie has now developed a relationship with everyone in his household and even made friends at school.

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