From the moment we opened our doors, our core value has been to care for children when no one else could or would. This care sparks hope and promise for a better tomorrow—a tomorrow that’s better for children, families, and ultimately the entire community. 

Every decision we make is made strictly in the best interest of children and families. We work hard to remain true to our mission to unlock the potential of at-risk children and families by providing compassionate and effective services that create opportunities for success.


Board of Directors

Chair: Hope Dogali

1st Vice Chair: Caitlin Kennedy

2nd Vice Chair: Meredith Newman

Secretary: Cheryl Adams

Treasurer: Alison Newman

Assistant Treasurer: Chris Rinker

Greg Albers

Liben Amedie

Mark Barrett

Patty Bohannan

Karol K. Bullard

David Eischeid

Valerie Harwell

David A. Kennedy

Orlando Lopez-Isa

The Honorable Sandra L. Murman

Cheri M. O'Neil

D.J. Rondeau

Karl M. Schmitz, III

Donna Turner

Kevin Walsh

The Honorable Samantha Ward



The Children's Home Foundation, Inc.

Chair: David Eischeid

Sharon Alexander-Gold

Sharon Danco

Sellers Gauntt

David A. Kennedy

Donald L. Mellow

Jeanne F. Mott

Lynn A. Ramsey

Richard Stohler


The Children's Home Properties, Inc.

Chair: Cheri M. O'Neil

Valerie Harwell

David Kennedy

Orlando Lopez-Isa

Merideth Newman

Chris Rinker

Administrative Staff

Irene K. Rickus, MS, LMHC
President/Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (813) 864-1501


Larry Cooper, MSW, LCSW
Chief of Intervention and Preventative Services
Phone: (813) 901-3423

Rosemarie Kesselring, MS, HRD
Chief of Human Resources
Phone: (813) 864-1520

Mary Lu Kiley, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (813) 864-1510

Donna Krauser
Chief of Out of Home Care
Phone: (813) 864-1459

Bob Krouse
Chief of Development
Phone: (813) 864-1530


Douglas R. Bolin, MBA
Director of Operations
Phone: (813) 864-1431

Lisa Campbell, CPA
Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: (813) 864-1511

Carol Hajdinak, MS, LCSW
Director of Community Counseling
Phone: (813) 864-1365

April Heuss, MPA
Director of Residential Services
Phone: (813) 864-1455

Tosha Johnson
Senior SEEDS Program Supervisor
Phone: (813) 901-3418

Chalice Lusk
Director of Foster Care
Phone: (813) 864-1417

Frank Massaro
Director of Development
Phone: 813-864-1535

Rahul N. Mehra, MD
Medical Director
Phone: (866) 684-2007

Elaine Melkioty
Senior Supervisor for Healthy Families
Phone: (813) 901-3412

Connie Troy
Executive & Board Coordinator
Phone: (813) 864-1501


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