Celebrating Social Work

Written by: Larry Cooper, MSW, LCSW Chief of Intervention and Preventative Services

The Children’s Home Network (CHN) is in observance of National Social Work Month in March to honor the extraordinary efforts of social workers to improve lives and change life stories every day.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) recognizes that “National Professional Social Work Month in March 2019 and is an opportunity for social workers around the nation and world and their supporters to educate the public about the invaluable contributions of the profession.”

“Every day, the nation's 680,000 social workers work to empower and elevate millions of people, including some of the most vulnerable in our society. ” 

The Children’s Home Network team looks forward each day for the opportunities to lift up, offer hope, support, advocacy, and compassion through effective services to children and their parents and caregivers of all ages to unlock their potential and become their best self. We do this through both intervention and prevention services including the following community based programs: Healthy Families, the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers managed by CHN (Town N’ Country, Brandon and South County), KinshipPinellas Support Team (PST) and Supporting and Empowering Educational and Developmental Services (SEEDS).

Our hope is that our voices and work in the communities we serve promote the improvement of the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play.

Our skilled social workers have been there for children in crisis by empowering families in giving them the ability to solve problems, cope with personal roadblocks and get the resources they need to succeed. The Children’s Home Network has been on the cutting edge of helping create changes to make our community a better place to live through many of our innovative programs.

So, throughout this month of March, we wish to recognize the numerous contributions and achievements of our CHN staff and the Social Work profession to our community and society.

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